My counselors mentioned I now am available for the “draft” list. That is a list of guys to be moved for whatever reason. I am now ‘available’ I am told because I am off the meds. So I now will be transferred to another State facility not too unlike this reception one. Hopefully it will be soon, as I wish to get on with my “bid”, the time I was sentenced to and need to complete prior to release. In my case it is a minimum of 2 1/3 and a maximum of 7 years. It is real difficult for me to think of being in here all 7 years, so I do not go there.

I am starting to anticipate things now that my mind is clearer from meds. I was moved to a new dorm too but maintained cell 25. Kind of neat I guess. The “dorm” I am in is set up similarly, with pods of five cells set in a semi-circle, with a total of 30 cells per dorm. I now know commissary is every two weeks, partly because guys try to get me to buy them things and partly because I like getting out of my cell to go anywhere other than staying locked up and look forward to ‘the buy’ as it is also called.
We have a lady CO who is our normal daytime officer and I ask to help with cleaning or anything that would get me out of my one-man cell. To date she uses other guys who do not go to religious services or have the medical treatment background I have I guess. She treats me well. But do not cross her as some smart alecks have tried. She sure has a temper, and carries a night stick with her that she is not afraid to use – as others I have seen use as well. No thank you.
Mail call is right after our evening meal, so we line up outside our dorm and await the names being called. What a joy to receive anything, and I do receive a letter or two over the time I am here. Usually it is from my friend Jack, my pastor’s husband, or friends who manage letters or encouraging cards now and then. A real treat.
Other than that we are confined to our cells except for about an hour twice a day when we can be in the ‘day’ room which is really not very large for all of us. That is where the phones are and when we are allowed to use them. I am much better now though I am not always able to get through to my wife, the only person on my call list for now. So I write letters for guys and manage to play a little chess though I am so bad most do not want to play me. Also it is because I do not bet on the games as I do not have anything I can afford to lose – flags (stamps) rollies (cigarettes) or other things. The television is on, but the programming most watch leaves a great deal to be desired and reinforces the idiot box label. I did mention to the weekend CO about the “fastest two minutes in sports” which intrigued him. We then were able to watch the Kentucky Derby which dwindled to an audience of two – me and the CO.
So I guess I wait to go on the draft and continue the next segment of my new journey inside corrections.

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