in the beginning…..

One can go either way when you hit the crossroad between good and evil, right and wrong, up or down, life or death. What makes one chose that one? Why is it sometimes so clear? Is there any way of knowing, of feeling the best answer ahead of time?

A crisis seems to bring out these black and white situations, making them clearer to see when exposed in our busy daily lives. A sickness, prognosis, incarceration, death, some fall from a pedestal which knocks us into a survival – or not – mode where decisions can become crystal clear. What makes for such a difference in people?

I maintain it is the hope the Holy Spirit brings, if we can embrace it. I feel it is there in us, waiting for us to act on it in any way we chose, hopefully in a manner befitting its pressure and urging. Some feel it as a grip in the stomach. Some call it their conscience talking to them. Some may even hear voices.

From whence does this hope arise? From the very core of our being, from life itself, from the beginning of creation by God I maintain, manifested in His son Jesus, who carried our sins to the cross to set us free. It has a home in all believers, awaiting its opportunity to shine forth and carry us toward the light, away from the darkness that could engulf us, just as a shoot pushes up from the deep, dark soil to the sun.

Not all seeds germinate, choosing to stay beneath the surface in darkness, struggle free, dying, never to experience the light, true bliss and life. Some grow but then wither when struggles, tests or hardships develop. I do not feel it is so much God allowing it as it simply is a matter of having free choice and a result of consequences. (This is aptly described in Jesus’ parable of the sower in Luke 8:5-8.) So too, not all people get it the first time and need to understand their need, because of their sin, for Jesus Christ to save them, not just someone or something.

Then why do some still choose the darkness while others come to the light? Good question. From my experience it is very easy to, when faced with overwhelming odds, trials, tragedy or adversity to choose darkness.

This is the story of why I chose light, which, while not easy, enabled me to work with the hope God and his son Jesus gave me.

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