About Us

Our Mission

Inside Corrections was written to assist young men with addictions in order to save them the trauma, hardship and loss that I and several friends and acquaintances went through. I offer here my experiences that, hopefully, will turn you from continuing down a dead end path and save your and those around you the “train wreck” that enveloped me. The writings are in sequence though there are some gaps due to medicine and the inability to journal during certain periods, so some is written from looking back.  The stories are simply some life thoughts.

Most psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists agree that an addiction is an addiction whether drugs, alcohol, pornography, eating, shopping, work, whatever. The writings found here generally flow out of my past addiction with pornography, starting with the darkness that enveloped me once found out and in my case arrested. Then I trace the journey to wholeness, stability and peace found only in Our Living Savior Jesus Christ. It took me some time and an enforced ‘time out’ in the state penal system to finally get my attention for that rebirth – as if God was saying “Can you hear me now?”

You have to do the work. You are responsible for the consequences of your choices. You have to turn away from that demon or demons that tempt and deceive you and make the necessary inside corrections.

Inside Corrections is an on going process that will take and last a lifetime. My sincere hope is that you learn from my mistakes, follow through and turn your life over to the only source of filling the void(s) in your life, then having a relationship with Our Lord and Savior. As I found out the hard way, nothing else lasts or saves my soul like that loving relationship with my Creator.

May it be so with you.

Our Story

James and Gail became friends and then dated after he “graduated” from prison. After sharing his testimony with friends old and new, the agreement was others need to hear the story if for no other reason than they themselves might be saved from a similar catastrophe, especially as pornography is out of control in societies all over the world. After several delays for a variety of reason, the chapters will unfold here – along with some “life visions” gained from his time away.

They both hope and pray you do not have to go through or endure any of the hardships James brought upon himself due to his selfish and arrogant decision making.

They later married and live in upstate New York.