This weeks’s story brings back many memories of a difficult time while incarcerated. I still was trying to figure out what my future would be like as it unfolded. My faith was then and still is in my God who is in the midst of my chaos and troubles – as He is with you – and still is in control as He was then, no doubt about that. I pray you will believe that and not be filled with fear.

My latest posts are under the “stories” tab as usual. While it appears I have few followers, I must say it is a joy to tell others about my site and hopefully help some along the way. I have met wonderful Christians from as far away as Florida and Texas that I have given my cards to in hopes they might read and even pass along this web site. I definitely have been saved by Jesus from my past selfish life and addictions, and feel the need to tell others they have the same hope that I found in Him. 

All stories are in reverse chronological order, so scroll down to get to the beginning.  The archive section will start you at the beginning dates. Hope you are keeping up.  By the way, if you subscribe it only means you will get an e-mail when a new post has been put up. We do not share any information with others. Let me know your thoughts.

And I do hope SOMEONE(s) is reading these!!

To God be the Glory!


Freedom from addiction is not only possible, it is needed. Tune in here for future tales from the inside. I received a great reception speaking at the recent men’s conference and truly hope I helped some. By the comments afterward it was apparent at least some identified with my pain and had felt a similar pull from pornography.

I am available to speak to groups or individuals on helping with addictions and will gladly send a program I have worked with that helped me shed the weight of a porn/sex addiction. Just e-mail me at Jamesgailvw@gmail.com and tell me your thoughts and needs. It is a journey that never ends but has fantastic results – freedom from the chains of addiction!


Inside Corrections for Women

We will be adding a Christian Support for women very soon dealing with breaking free from self-imposed prisons, so watch for it here!

Inside Corrections

This blog came about because we wanted to aid people with addictions, specifically pornography addictions. Our hope is that you can learn from our experiences and prevent the loss of relationships, businesses and homes that happened to us.

The writings chronicle the events of me as I went further and further down the rabbit hole of pornography and ended up inside a correctional institution in New York State.  It documents the mental, physical and emotional pain, not only of me but often of those around me affected by my poor choices.  The message is there that you too might be one click away from trouble if you do not catch yourself and change.

It also documents the spiritual changes that occurred while incarcerated, ones that led me to salvation, a clearer view of my past, present and future through being born again. While this might seem a bit odd, being born again inside a correctional institution, I have found it is only with those necessary inside corrections that any lasting change will occur

Next Steps…

Read the stories that follow my path to freedom from the addiction to porn, then leave a comment if you are so led. I maintain we have to look at things differently in order to make any lasting change.  I also know it is only with the help of God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that indwells you after your being born again that change will occur and continue.

I am available to speak to small men’s groups on breaking free from addictions, especially pornography.  Simply contact me at Jamesgailvw@gmail.com.